Technical Writing

Technical writing & communications is the major that I am currently studying. I think what makes this major unique is that it combines both communication and technical writing. Rarely do you see both together. It’s either one or the other and often not both. So I had a difficult time declaring my major. I thought and thought about this for so long. I was debating between statistics or technical writing.

Of course I wanted to do something like art but have you looked at the job prospects of that? I don’t think it looks very good for art majors. Then I looked at math majors because I liked math. I took calculus in college and although I like it, I didn’t do that well. I found myself struggling every single day. I’m fine with algebra and HS math but college math? Not so well. Then I decided to pursue statistics because it didn’t involve that much math and at the same time I’m evaluating graphs and stats. But then the major requires Calculus II. I wasn’t about to put myself in the same hell hole (excuse my language) that I was in (I barely made it past Calculus I). I was stumped. I didn’t know what to do.

I realized that I lived writing. Writing comes easily to me and I can generate ideas really fast. Therefore I thought about a major involving writing. But again, I don’t think the job prospect for a writing major is that good. So after much research and debate, I settled upon technical writing. The deciding factor was after I took a look at the Occupational Outlook Handbook. (Great resource btw if you want to know about what kinds of jobs are most saught after and how your job is looking in the future). It seems that technical writing seems to be on the rise. And that was how I made my decision. Also, there are three tracks that are under this major. The one I chose was the technology track.

So this was how I came to the conclusion I have today. I’m actually excited to take my first course in technical writing.